A savoury ice cream to enjoy while at home! Surprise your family with your favourite flavour or take all the flavours home!


Înghețată cu napolitane 120 ml

A crunchy and refreshing ice cream-filled waffle sandwich, with irresistible vanilla flavour inside.  


Casserole 500 ml

A savoury ice cream for family sweet treats! Surprise your loved ones with your favourite flavour, or take home all five of them: exotic vanilla, euphoric chocolate, sweet and delicate caramel, fresh strawberries galore and refreshing mint! A practical container to pass from hand to hand! Refresh your memories with the sweetness of the strawberry bits in a whipped cream ice cream! 


Cone 140 ml

A crunchy waffle cone filled with flavoured vanilla or perfumed chocolate ice cream, decorated here and there with the finest chocolate frosting. And the surprising icing on the cake, a handful of beautifully ground peanuts!


Ice cream bar 80 ml

With a delicate shell and a creamy core – this ice cream bar perfectly blends the two flavours adored by everybody: vanilla and wild berries. Vanilla scented cream in an ice cream bar coated with crispy chocolate frosting. A simple yet delicious combination, sweet enough for a spontaneous break or as a treat after any meal. 


Ice cream stick 70ml

The savour of iced tea frozen around a stick, shaped as an ice cream not in the least heavy, inspired from three flavours: acidulated lemon, delicate peach and scented raspberry. A subtle ice tea, with scented peach fragrance for a relaxation break or for briefs moments to unplug from the clutter of everyday life! 



Cone 90ml

The familiar ice cream taste that you enjoy so passionately has paired up with the crunchy cone. The outcome is an ice cream as simple, as it is unforgettable.