A type of ice cream for each moment, a detail and a flavour for each state of mind! Each Lido cup contains a delicious ice cream blended with vanilla, caramel, cream and cherries or strawberries, melon or rum and raisins.


Casserole 1100 ml

Not a day without laughter, not an event without vanilla! Enjoy this special ice cream, turned into a classic favourite of festive occasions. 


Cup 200 ml

A cup of vanilla-fragranced frosted joy. Choose the taste beyond compare of a classic ice cream. 

Wild berries

Casserole 1000 ml

For exclusive moments, indulge yourself with this lovely melange between exceptional ice cream and its special flavours. Warm up your thoughts with fruits! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a creamy ice cream obtained from the sweetest-scented wild berries; a recipe designed for gourmets who adore the delicious decor of chocolate bits. 


Cake 660 ml

It is neither music, nor poetry, but an ice cream filled with harmony! Particularly delicate and elaborately decorated, Armony is the sweet secret of special moments when cakes do not necessarily come in a round shape. Available in two kinds: vanilla cake and chocolate cake. Discover the lacy cake where the vanilla crests blend with crunchy chocolate layers! Two delicate and sweet layers of ice cream, enhanced with two of the most beloved flavours: vanilla and chocolate. 


Cone 190 ml

Three kinds of delicious ice cream skilfully created according to three beloved flavours – vanilla, caramel and chocolate – enveloped in cones of crunchy waffle and decorated with ground peanuts and refreshing syrups – chocolate and caramel. The sweetest and creamiest ice cream cone, specially dedicated to caramel lovers! Discover the irresistible combination between the chocolate ice cream, the crunchy waffle cone, and the ground peanuts beautifully sprinkled all around. 


Ice cream bar 110 ml

Delicate ice cream blanketed in chocolate frosting with peanuts, available in two classic flavours: cacao and vanilla. Enjoy it while walking or at leisure, on a bench, during sweet treat breaks or on a girls’ day out. Classic cacao ice cream, deliciously surprised in crunchy chocolate frosting and plentifully garnished with ground peanuts. A delightful dessert that makes your mouth water!


175 ml

Biscuit-ice cream sandwich, a crispy and creamy combination between two cocoa biscuits and the ice cream dessert which comes in two famous flavours. Try out the two choices: vanilla and chocolate. Vanilla cream turned into a delicious ice cream contained between two crispy cocoa biscuits. 


Ice cream bar 120 ml

The favourite flavour of those who cannot wait for the summer, to devour a swell slice of watermelon. Only that the slice of Lido Watermelon is even more refreshing. If you can’t believe it, try for yourself!   

Vafa Lux

Wafer Lux

Vafa 165ml

Ice cream and chocolate go hand in hand, but the flavour really hits the roof of your mouth when the combo comes together in a crunchy and delicious cone. 

Cherry Crunch

Cherry Crunch

Stick 120ml

We thought and prepared a delight for those who want more than ice cream. Around one stick hold together delicious ingredients: vanilla, cherry amarena , cocoa icing with forest hazelnuts, amaretti biscuits and meringue. Usually, those who try take home a whole box.